Using Government to Force

But yet you didn’t answer mine.

What a shame. I thought we were actually going to discuss game theory in this thread.

Does a business not use government to advance their own interests when they can?

You didn’t ask one.

We’re done here then.


We seem to be going down this side path that somehow employing the government level is somehow “cheating” the game.


If you asked a question somewhere, I missed it. Show me where you asked it.

Your first post in this thread was an informative statement describing how you managed without government assistance. Your second post equated using the levers of government as “gaming the system”.

Neither was a question and it was at this point I asked my question.

Is there a post of yours somewhere else that I missed?


I agree, people in society should not use government to force others to pay for their own mistakes. Unfortunately for me, the government bailouts killed that person when they let the rich survive the 2008 depression.

You can’t have socialism for the rich and capitalism for the poor.


Employers owe their employees their agreed upon contract, wages, and benefits or lack thereof.

The government can set regulations because there were bad employers that put money ahead of safety, their interests above others.

Re: The OPer.

Game theory is nothing more than mathematical models that attempt to explain strategic interactions between rational decision-makers.

Why do you think it would inform your views of government?


To level the playing field.

Game theory is not prescriptive/proscriptive.

As far as I know Health care as a benefit comes from WW2 when FDR implemented wage controls, so employers had to find other ways to attract workers. It’s the worst system. Insulating the user from it’s cost causes massive inflation as we’ve seen.

FDR also implemented withholding of income tax and payroll taxes. That should have ended after the war.

You think that you can use government to enforce debt obligation. I assume you also believe you can use government to award you damages for IP infringement.

Good answer. What will you do when I close the doors?

Find another job, probably.

Is it in your best interest to shutter your business rather than pay for health insurance, or whatever else it is that I “want”?

Great question. Because every other type of force is not final.

Founded on force from where?

Because I bought it from the previous owner.

No it didn’t.


How so?

What delegated authority does government to grant business licenses? What is the purpose of that system?

The rest of that post is cute.