Using Government to Force

From where does the idea that an employer owes us something come from? Where does the idea that we should use government to force them to give it to us come from? This are serious questions.

As you can see, I have embraced game theory. What’s in my best interest? That’s all that matters.

I am your employer. You want something from me. Why do you think you get to use government as a weapon?

Do you mean “game theory”?

Or are you trying to make some jokes about kids these days?

I would say it comes from envy and greed. They want to transfer money from your pocket to theirs via who they vote for.

What are you talking about?

There’s no such thing as “gamer theory”.

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It seems so. I am the employer, if you want healthcare or a higher wage, show it is in my best interest to give it.

If you can’t, why do you get to use government force?

There is now if I say there is. Is this what you’re going to do? "R"s for an hour?

Be a bigger thinker.

You don’t get to in my book. We weren’t raised to think like that in my day.

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I know, that’s why I wonder where it comes from.

Some have probably been raised to think that way and others were probably indoctrinated in college these days to think that way.

Maybe both in some cases.

Because in your hypothetical, it’s in my best interest to do so.

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I asked if you meant “game theory” or were making a joke about kids who play video games because I wasn’t sure what you were talking about.

Now that I see what you mean, there’s no need to discuss it any further.

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Why is using government as part advancing one’s best interest any different than using any other type of power to advance self interest?

The very notion of private property is one founded on the use of force anyhow.

Why is your property your property?

Much of the “property” in this country belonged to people here before us.

It doesn’t any longer. Why not?


Sense of entitlement culture that left had nourished.

Instead of teaching em the lesson of more you know, more you are worth.

Back in days when I was desperate I said to my possible employer what I don’t know I’ll learn. There was couple times I was hired on spot right after that comment. Of course I had to back up those comments.

I wasn’t one that goes around saying I know, I know etc after proving that I didn’t know. :wink:

So it’s your best interest to game the system…


Is using the system against the rules of this “game”?

This is an easy question to answer… government grants the business licenses to businesses. Without that license, that entity can not be in business. Further, govt is “we the people” so we people can force businesses to do things (pass laws and regulations) that would be for the common good. If it turns out that the plurality or votes dictate health care to be provided by your business then you have to oblige. Realistically, all businesses should be FOR Medicare for all as it takes the burden of health care off the employer. But whatever.


In what way is this “gaming the system”?

You can game the system by learning your trade craft and put your knowledge/skills out to bid.

You didn’t answer the question.