USGS is now saying a major eruption of Mt. Kileaua Imminent

Not looking good for HI but the real question is, “How long will it be Before Trump is blamed?”

With the current state of politics in the US I’d just about be willing to bet that the blame game will begin in less than 24 hours.

If there is indeed a massive eruption things are going to get rough in HI for a while but the potential for a massive Tsunami hitting the West Coast of the Mainland is also very real and could be the biggest test of his presidency yet.

It’s stupid to even suggest that Trump should be blamed for an act of nature. Next.

It’s stupid to blame him for most of what he was blamed for during the Puerto Rican relief effort too but that didn’t slow the criticisms any.

That’s only the real question for a partisan hack.

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This is true. I don’t disagree. Except he did act like an ass, but that’s normal for him.

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No, it’s a likely prediction based on recent history.

If/when she blows I’ll see if I can find this thread and we’ll see just how far off I was.

He did everything he could do to get them help as quickly as possible.

Somehow, someway and in the not to distant future…the MSM will erupt that Trump isn’t doing enough about the eruption.

I wonder if anyone was fracking nearby?

OK. I That’s what really matters to the people in need I guess, not his attitude.

An eruption of Kilauea would not result in a Tsunami… Even a vigorous eruption would be very localized to the Big Island… IF the Hilina slump were to slide off into the ocean we would have a Tsunami but I have seen nothing from the USGS warning of that occurring any time soon, in fact, the Hawaii Volcano Observatory addressed this yesterday…

If a major chunk breaks off there will be a huge displacement of mass not to mention the associated earthquakes.

New vents and faults are opening up very close to the coast. If there is a massive eruption we have no idea of predicting just how bad it will be offshore.

No. It’s a partisan hack statement. One that shows how little you actually care. Thanks.

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I do care which is why I brought it up.

Let’s bring this thread back up if/when she blows and we’ll see how close I am to right.

Obviously not based on your petty statement.

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Your on… Let’s say one year from now we revisit this thread and if we have not had the major tsunami you are predicting, you change your user name to mild_daisy… I’ll change mine to trump_lover

not a chance of a major tsunami. any eruption will be localized. kileaua is not like the west cost volcanos. even if it has an explosive eruption it will be steam based from the magma hitting heh water table. they type of magma that kileaua has doesnt allow for explosive eruptions like a mt st helens. thats why they havent evacuated the whole area.

What isn’t stupid is to suggest that his response to a natural disaster will be criticized. Either for being excessive and wasteful, or for being inadequate.

Like the response to Puerto Rico?

Yes. That was criticized.