USAToday Rules Babylon Bee Article is Satire

“We rate this claim SATIRE, based on our research. A satirical article about the 9th Circuit “overturning” Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death has no basis in fact. It is true that the 9th Circuit has ruled against many Trump-era policies.”

You read that right. An editor at a national newspaper assigned a “fact-checker” to determine whether Ruth Bader Ginsburg had been raised from the dead by court order . It took that fact-checker a week to review over a dozen sources of information and conclude “based on our research” that this had not happened.

Imagine being the editor who thought this was a good use of journalistic resources, or the writer who took this assignment this seriously. On the editor’s part, that is an admission that you either have too many reporters working for you or that you have the world’s worst news judgment and should never work as an editor of anything ever again.

It is not even possible to satirize modern “journalism” that produces this sort of hackery. It would have been too much to include in Idiocracy . There’s a reason people look at Donald Trump , of all people, and say, “hey, I’d rather trust that guy than the newspaper.”

Wow, just wow!