USA - Ukraine treaty

Who knew we actually have a treaty with Ukraine binding each country to share investigative information when either country requests, it’s called the Treaty with Ukraine on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters, signed by President Bill Clinton that can be found online. I did not know this myself but one would think that those in Congress should know this. I found this out by reading the linked op-ed and then confirmed it with an internet search. Feel free to confirm it yourself and then maybe we should each let our Representatives in Congress know it appears that President Trump is abiding by that treaty and is well within the law!

The Treaty info is #4 but #'s 6 & 7 are interesting as it explains the quid pro quo pressure the Obama’s Administration put on Ukraine to investigate Manafort instead of Biden’s son, that explains how the 12 year old offense was revived. And I say what is good for one Administration damned well better be okay and good for another Administration. JMO

I saw it yesterday.

Hunter biden was never under investigation by Ukraine, the owner of the oil company was under investigation for contract fixing during his time as minster of energy.

Also request need to be filed by the DOJ with the Ukrainian government, not by private lawyers.

Are you smarter than I am?




well DOJ never formally asked for the files, mostly because there are no files on hunter biden because he was never under investigation.

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We both know that’s not true. I am a man.

Despite Republican Media, this is not a secret. We have this kind of mutual aid treaty with many countries.

It’s only “new” to Republican Media marks.


You didn’t know.

This law would apply if the Ukraine had a formal investigation into Hunter Biden or Biden himself for their conduct but since the government never opened such an investigation there would be no files to share.

hence why Trump and his lawyer asked Ukraine to open an investigation into their conduct and not simply file a DOJ request for the files to be shared.

now looking at manafort there was a formal investigation into him which is why DOJ could request files.

There is no doubt that Hunter was hired because his dad was VP but their is no record of wrong doing on his part in the company and neither him or his dad were ever under investigation.

This is not a new thing, sneaks.

I know. I also know you didn’t know.

If it’s an impeachable offense that the Congressional Dems are yammering about then why doesn’t the offense apply to the previous Administration? And how is abiding by a USA/Ukraine treaty enacted in 1998 against the law? The double standard here is not difficult! :angry:

The impeachable offense in question and highly debated is pressuring a foreign government to intervene in a U.S election violation election laws.

Trump threw Barr under the bus!

There is nothing that Trump did that was “abiding by a treaty”.

:angry: :rofl:

You can look up the treaty and see how it gets abided. :joy:

Trump would sell his own daughter out if it meant saving is own skin dude has no moral center.

Actually this treaty came up here on Hannityland constantly back when conservatives didn’t like Russia and opposed the annexation of Crimea and couldn’t stop talking about how Obama dropped the ball. Sooooo


now you have a President telling the President of Ukraine he should trust Russia.