US wages begin to fall


Yeah ok. McDonald’s says they’re hiring less people but we should just take your word for it that they’re really not. Is that how things work in Canada?


Those are not cashiers. Cashiers after losing their jobs to the kiosks, not stockers.


I never said they would be employable.


Or more in some cases. In my industry automation has made it so the work that used to be done by 300+ is now done by around 40. As the tech gets better, more will be automated and that number will shrink again.


An almost 50% gain in employee productivity in one year, seems pretty obvious that means fewer employees doing the work.


Why are they American Trump voters?


A true free market wouldnt work…it never will…let it go


And? Didn’t say it would, that doesn’t make something that isn’t free market, a mechanism of the free market.


The problem is government is the only one that would get behind workforce shifting/retraining.

No industry would get behind it. There’s no incentive for workforce retraining to be done at the scale needed in a private fashion.


No industry would get behind it? Strange, I would think if the industry had a shortage of qualified workers (take Nursing for example) that would be incentive right there. Every company is different though.


No an ex CEO said that and he lost his job earlier this year meanwhile McDonalds is saying the opposite.

McDonald’s is hiring up to 1,900 people in Alberta, as it rolls out self-serve kiosks, customizable burgers and table service at its fast-food restaurants.

The changes to the traditional counter-service format are “transforming the guest experience and creating additional jobs,” said Shelly Hansen, the chain’s regional vice-president for Western Canada, in a release on Thursday.


I said- to the scale needed to make a true impact on retraining our workforce to adapt to a global marketplace.


But government would? They’re slow to act on everything.


Gee I wonder why they are saying it’s not costing jobs, oh wait, I remember you already told us why a minute ago.

Drs posted

Funny thing businesses that whined and took out the hikes on employees ended up suffering public backlash. One coffee chain whose franchisees chose to go after their employees really took a hit.

Meanwhile, they magically had employee productivity shoot up 50% in one year.


Yes they are…but they have the scale to handle it.

So let’s think of a model that would make it work rather than throwing up our hands in the vain hope “the free market” will sort this out.


Government paid for retraining already exists and there isn’t some line of people waiting on it.


Trade Act. Which is what I fell into a few years back. I was also collecting unemployment while I was retraining. That was tax money well spent. :roll_eyes:


One of the reasons is because the dominant story coming out of our current administration is that we’re going to make the old industries great again, and so no one needs retraining. The beautiful coal mines will start pouring out jobs and coal again and the awesome steel mills will be humming!


So there was a giant line of people waiting for it when Obama was telling them those jobs were gone?


I’m sure there was at least a small portion of holdouts because that was all they knew. Older people especially generally aren’t going to retrain for a new industry. How many of those coal workers had done those jobs for decades before Obama declared war on the coal industry?