Us vs ceaser sayoc

His lawyers spell out what drove him to do what he did. Between Donald Trump, social media, and fox news helped they say push him over the edge.

Which goes into my theory if you ever see those self help classes where the teacher gets you all pumped up while they take your money.

This is sadly the end result of thinking of things in a lib vs us spectrum.

Hopefully he is the last but given what wray just stated today I doubt it.


Furthermore since we will get lone wolf excuses.

The idea Russia could sway 70k people with ads?

I give you exhibit 123443 of how it works.


No what we have gotten and will get more of is Alex Jones-like False Flag excuses.

Sayoc is a patsy…look how brand new all those Trump stickers and window clings were!

So it’s Trump and Hannity fault. :rofl:

Hey- don’t look at us- that’s what the lawyers for the guy said…

LOl of course…it what lawyers do.

And libs want to elect em for pres.

Oh yes he is one…but my point still stands…look how fast he fell off the wagon and did this…

speaking of wagon…his wagon was amazing. less we forget

It’s like if the a team went full stupid…


The Q-team as it were


Damn it…it was right there and I missed it…

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all you needed was a Q-tip

Shut it…

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ill be Quiet now

Hate seems to weak of a word here.

Because the media couldn’t ever influence someone.

The irony of his post

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No, it’s not. But do you agree that inflammatory language exists and people should refrain from its use, especially if they have a large audience?

Hey a tumble weed


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