US travelers will likely not be welcome in EU

So, pandemic recovery has been going really well in most EU nations. It looks like the worst of the pandemic is over for them. They are in the process of re - opening their borders. However, with a steep upward curve in cases, the US will likely not be on the list of countries from which visitors will be welcome. I have to admit - this is going to be a hard part of the new normal to get use to. I have a US passport, and it was considered one of the best passports in the world to have prior to the pandemic as it allowed access to a great number of nations. Now, it is looking like it may be one of the more restrictive, as countries don’t want to risk disease coming back into their country.

But, hey - we made America great again, right?

EU travel ban: Borders will reopen -- but probably not to Americans - CNN


Yes we certainly did. It will stay that way if we don’t screw it up.

If you can’t understand that people are going to die for the dollar, I can’t help you. Old people will be proud to sacrifice for MAGA. We need to vacation in America to help spread the herd immunity around.

You couldn’t drag me into an airplane right now, so not overly concerned if the EU doesn’t want me to come and spend my money there.

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Right? Their loss. What is the downside to us spending our money here?

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Been to Europe a few times. So much history. Such a different life style.
Sadly, until we get stuff under control, EU (and probably much of the world) will continue to view us as a 3rd rate country.

That horse is already out the barn…

Well we know that the liberals do not have ANY herd mentality. All of those violent riots and monument attacks were just a figment of our vivid imagination. :roll_eyes:

I’m sure they’d take our money. They don’t want our COVID.

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Off topic deflection.


Maybe. That horse was also out of the barn in 2016. Remember? Biden is as corrupt as Hillary but much dumber and a lot weaker. We’ll see how this plays out. If elected, he probably won’t make it through term 1. His brain is mush. Choose your V.P. wisely.

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I was responding to your off topic deflection. Maybe someone should flag us both? :grin:

And here I thought this topic was about the EU banning us from travelling there, not BDS.

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Surprise!!! :partying_face:

Looks like Canada and EU see us as a ■■■■ hole country. Won’t slow the spread of a pandemic virus because MAGA.

I’m in my mid 50’s…Was too young at the time to realize what turmoil was going on during Vietnam/ civil rights era. Other than that time, this is the most screwed up I’ve seen this country in my adult life…And it’s on Trumps watch.

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Its a good note to have next time you start and OP and demand everyone stay on topic.


It’s been kind of an interesting turn of events. Back in 2016, Trump was talking about building a great wall at the southern border - and trying to keep disease out was one of the reasons given. Now, the tide has turned. Now other countries are looking at banning people from the US because they don’t want to let disease in.


Give me your top three reasons.

If you saw a bunch of drooling idiots wearing red hats and no masks, you wouldn’t want them near you either.