US to pull out of INF treaty with russia

trump claims russia is violating it .
the treaty has been in place sine 1986

Yeah. I saw that. I’m concerned about this.

This should drive libs crazy cuz it’s nothing more than collusion and kissing Putin’s butt…amirite?

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No. I’d hope it would drive everyone crazy unless you enjoy the thought of thermonuclear war. I can’t say I’m surprised that Russia may be violating the terms of the agreement given their track record. Not sure why Trump would shoulder the blame for the actions of Russia in this matter.

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I agree and that’s why I support Trump doing his best to ally with Russia without giving up anything of importance vs establishment spun…FAKE COLLUSION.

Unless there’s some crazy stuff going on (I’m sure someone somewhere will have theories) this and possible collusion surrounding the election are two entirely separate things.

I guess I don’t care about this after all. Europe should be securing it’s own defense.

That border wall should do the trick. Just have to make it really tall and hope they use a northerly trajectory. I’m convinced. Build it now!

Technically the wall is on US soil, which is a NATO member.


Correct. Mexican, liberal, socialist and also somehow communist. Now you know why some are so afraid.

Isn’t that how Putin looked at it as well?

Trumpbots = Putinbots?

Nuclear Warfare is giving Climate Change a run for its money.


You guys do know Russia been cheating for years…under Obama.

Also Russia been violating Obama/Russia agreement by not disabling its SS-25 mobile missiles.

Here is article in March 2017…less then two months after Trump taken office which we knew then that Russia was skirting INF Treaty.

Follow the links because it goes to NYSlime.

…pretty sure that’s why Russia was colluding with Hillary.

Under Obama Putin thought he could get away with it…and for some time he did.

And now libs are bitching because Putin puppet is cracking down on him.

I swear you can’t make libs hypocrisy up.

Well you know, one minute a bumbling idiot who can’t tie his own shoes, the next a criminal Mastermind using the government to further his criminal empire. :roll_eyes:

Trumps been playing em like they’re silly putty.

They’re still focused on his hands while missing the act itself.

This may not be as reckless a move that it might seem on the surface.

Obviously, we must wait and see how the administration intends to proceed going forward.

Oddly enough couple months back I’ve read Russia wanted China in INF treaty. Now I’m not sure what China has in there inventory but from what I’ve read couple years ago China been building up their mid range missiles.

So I’m thinking their might be more to it then what we know about.

What do you think?