US to halt "provocative war-games" with S.Korea





I’m sure that’s it as is evidenced by how much he “loves” his people.


That’s what i worry about, that Kim might see it that way too.

What do you think would happen if he denuked?

I mean, the North did not have nukes a few years ago, and nothing happened, so what scenario do you think would play out?


It’s not that he did this.

It’s that he did this and all he got from NK was an assurance vaguer than what we have gotten from NK leaders in the past with NO such concession. At a time NK didn’t have nukes.

It’s that he adopted the language of NK and China in describing the war games as “provocative”.

When you give something major and get only a vague promise in return…and when you adopt the language your negotiating rival uses…the impression to anyone who is not partisan blind or Trump-worshipping is that your negotiating partner controlled the narrative during the discussions…which is bad bad bad for reaching an ultimate agreement that’s in the United States’ interests.

It may actually provoke the outcome you seek. Kim went home and told his people not only this, but that Trump conceded on sanctions as well.

If Trump gets the impression that more and more people think Kim won this round, he’s going to go ballistic in an effort to prove how tough he is.

This isn’t Trump hatred talking. This is my rational assessment as to how this has gone so far.

So without calling me a “lib” or accusing me of Trump Derangement Syndrome, try addressing my actual argument and show me where I am mistaken or have made flawed assumptions.

Thanks in adavnce.


I don’t know what goes on in his head.

I just think it’s possible that after a decade or so with the status quo, maybe this guy does want change. It’s also possible that due to recent events he has been boxed in, and this road to change is seen as his best choice?

How else can any of us explain why a man like him is suddenly making the shift to peace?


Right but why give him reason for hope?

There’s giving him a face-saving way out and there’s abolsut4ly surrendering the narrative to him.

They are different things altogether.


He hasn’t “suddenly” made a shift to anything. We’ve been down this road before. He has changed nothing.


What have we given that is “major?” Canceling a military exercise? I have participated in three of these exercises before, it’s nothing more than training. We have similar ones with all the military units from our allied nations.


Of your list, the only thing that actually happened was they released American hostages. Which, sorry, I’m not going to praise a hostage taker for releasing hostages.


This is only the first step.

I’ll grant you that we should all still remain skeptical, and with good reason too. We’ve all witnessed the cycle from madman Kim, the transition into amicable Kim, only to cycle back to madman Kim again.


So Donny admits to the world that America has engaged in military provocation of the North Koreans on the Korean peninsula for decades.

No wonder the North Korean leadership so adamantly sought nuclear power.

For what, nearly 70 years, they had been the 90 pound weakling on American bully “muscle beach” getting sand kicked in their face.

Guess what?

They have some muscle now.


It’s more than Iran was ever required to do, under Obama’s Iran nuke deal, and yet I’ll bet you were fine with that lopsided deal.

This is only the first step, we don’t even know if it will hold, and all we have been asked to do is cancel a week of training.


If truly participated, you’d know that holding these training exercises isn’t just about training. It’s sending a geopolitical message. It’s a gentle reminder to people that we don’t like that “hey, don’t forget we’re here and we’re watching.”

By cancelling those, we’re saying “we trust Un.”


You and I both know that this will not happen. If NK kept to its word, we wouldn’t be where we are today. So we give and give, and get nothing but “maybe” and lies in return.

Have the integrity to be honest with yourself about this.


Please elaborate on why you believe that falsehood


More then the Iran deal? Trump got nothing for his concessions other then “good faith agreement”…are you for real? We are trusting KJU now why because Trump says it’s cool? I dunno whether to laugh or hang my head.

The Iran deal was established through a coalition
the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council China, France, Russia, United Kingdom, United States plus Germany, and the European Union.

The International Atomic Energy Agency has regular access to their nuclear facilities and is tasked with monitoring and verifying Irans compliance.

So no note more, the only thing Trump got was the word of a dictator.


NK is going to have to do more because they already have nuclear weapons and so far they’ve done next to nothing.

Let me know when NK removes the cores from their nuclear reactors and eliminated all stored of highly enriched uranium. Maybe you aren’t aware of what Iran actually was required to do under the agreement.


If Obama built a mansion, Trump could demolish it and erect a cardboard box and his supporters would say “finally, a real home”.


95% of negotiation is perception.

It’s a “little thing” to us.

It’s HUGE from a power perception point of view…especially since Trump adopted China’s and NK’s descriptive language of the exercises.


Dude…come on.

This is ridiculous and I suspect even you know it.

NK isn’t “required” to do anything at present. They simply promised to do things…mornevague promises than thye’ve made in the past.

Additionally, the missile site thing? Somehow there just “wasn’t enough time” to get that into the written communique.