US to halt "provocative war-games" with S.Korea

Well, at least you acknowledge that Kim has the upper hand.

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President Trump’s pledge on Tuesday to cancel military exercises on the Korean Peninsula surprised not only allies in South Korea but also the Pentagon.

Hours after Mr. Trump’s announcement in Singapore, American troops in Seoul said they are still moving ahead with a military exercise this fall — Ulchi Freedom Guardian — until they receive guidance otherwise from the chain of command.

Lt. Col. Jennifer Lovett, a United States military spokeswoman in South Korea, said in an email that the American command there “has received no updated guidance on execution or cessation of training exercises — to include this fall’s schedule Ulchi Freedom Guardian.”

“We will continue with our current military posture until we receive updated guidance from the Department of Defense,” she added.

This is all totally normal.

South Korea picks up half of the costs of our troops there. It is the best deal that our military has in the world. Yes these exercises cost some bucks. But the real purpose is to have a good level of readiness. And more then just provoking NK it does demonstrate our superior level of military might.

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They would never admit what is the truth. And sadly it exposes that a large portion of the country would rather see the nation fail in prosperity and peace at the alter of Trump hate.

Admit it, you don’t care about the truth.

Sounds like you’re admitting that Trump is not a deal-maker, is the one doing all the giving right now, and is letting NK walk all over is. America first, eh?

Please share your military experience which allows you to opine on military training exercises.

Joint Statement of President Donald J. Trump of the United States of America and Chairman Kim Jong Un of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea at the Singapore Summit

President Donald J. Trump of the United States of America and Chairman Kim Jong Un of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) held a first, historic summit in Singapore on June 12, 2018.

President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un conducted a comprehensive, in-depth and sincere exchange of opinions on the issues related to the establishment of new US-DPRK relations and the building of a lasting and robust peace regime on the Korean Peninsula. President Trump committed to provide security guarantees to the DPRK, and Chairman Kim Jong Un reaffirmed his firm and unwavering commitment to complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

Convinced that the establishment of new US-DPRK relations will contribute to the peace and prosperity of the Korean Peninsula and of the world, and recognizing that mutual confidence building can promote the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un state the following:

The United States and the DPRK commit to establish new US-DPRK relations in accordance with the desire of the peoples of the two countries for peace and prosperity.
The United States and DPRK will join their efforts to build a lasting and stable peace regime on the Korean Peninsula.

Reaffirming the April 27, 2018 Panmunjom Declaration, the DPRK commits to work toward complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula

The United States and the DPRK commit to recovering POW/MIA remains, including the immediate repatriation of those already identified.

Having acknowledged that the US-DPRK summit — the first in history — was an epochal event of great significance in overcoming decades of tensions and hostilities between the two countries and for the opening up of a new future, President Trump and Chairman Kim Jong Un commit to implement the stipulations in the joint statement fully and expeditiously. The United States and the DPRK commit to hold follow-on negotiations, led by the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, and a relevant high-level DPRK official, at the earliest possible date, to implement the outcomes of the US-DPRK summit.

President Donald J. Trump of the United States of America and Chairman Kim Jong Un of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea have committed to cooperate for the development of new US-DPRK relations and for the promotion of peace, prosperity, and the security of the Korean Peninsula and of the world.

President of the United States of America
Chairman of the State Affairs Commission of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea

June 12, 2018
Sentosa Island

Because Donald Trump is a truly stupid person who doesn’t know anything or how anything works and his followers think he’s smart, they don’t understand that these exact same statements have been done with North Korea multiple times before, and each time it was Republicans who killed off any further advancement. It’s likely that the very conservative wing of the GOP will do the same to this effort, which isn’t anything new except for our President giving Kim what he wants in response to a credible nuclear threat against the US.


Meanwhile, a Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said “Our suspension for suspension process is right and has been realised,” a BBC correspondent in China reported.

But our planes have to fly all the way from Guam to reach South Korea for these exercises… :joy:

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IMO I don’t think total victory was possible in Korea without using nuclear weapons. People didn’t want to go that far. Or invade China. Which would have been a nightmare.

The Second World War and it’s horrors were fresh in everyone’s minds. Especially European soldiers and officers who were in Korea. No one wanted a repeat of that. South Korean forces fought as hard as could be reasonably expected of them considering the circumstances but they were in no shape to cross the Yalu and take the fight into China at any point during the war.

So had the US decided to do it we would have been on our own. And I honestly believe the American people would have never tolerated it.

China could have been dealt with prior to the Korean War IF the US had backed the anti communist in their war. After WWII we were the absolute most powerful country in the world. We had weapons, and plenty of them, that were beyond anything in most the world, certainly vastly superior to anything China had. Dealing with the Chicoms then would have saved us decades of headaches later.

After North Korea invaded South Korea and MacArthur cut off and surrounded their military, North Korea was done. Most of the duration of the war after China entered was the allies (UN) fighting mostly the Chinese, not the North Korean military.

Yepp. Kim Il Sung didn’t even have command of the KPA after the Chinese intervention. They kept the KPA on the coast line, mostly fighting South Korean forces. The Chinese did the heavy lifting against the UN forces in central Korea.

So actually.

You really can’t believe anything Trump says.

This is why I was worried about the complete lack of preparation and lack of NSC meetings with principle Cabinet members prior to this summit. There is no unified vision, strategy, or plan from this administration. You cannot solve major issues on a global stage by just winging it. This is the real world.

How can people STILL be supporting this clown show?

so the Blue house, pentagon, and now the VP all caught unaware.

the Chinese however apparently knew ahead of em

Pretty sure Trump just winged it with the whole needing military exercises with S. Korea. Pence and the Defense department are calling ■■■■■■■■ on that idea while China and N. Korea say “Great idea!”

What a ■■■■■■■ mess.

ending not needing

Joint training with your military allies is over-rated who need to test level of readiness.