US sued for $60 million after infant in detention later died

Hey look! Texas killed a baby!

Halloween’s been over for a month, but the ghouls are still hanging around.

They detained them, bad!
They released them, bad!

They killed a baby, bad!

Mom not traveled god know’s how far with an infant, infant more than likely would still be alive.

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You have evidence of US operatives intentionally infecting children?

I thought libs wanted the government to pay for illegals baby killing.

I must say though, the outpouring of genuine concern for the child in the OP is truly touching.

Can’t be concerned. Texas killed the child.

I’m angry about it instead.

Here’s a link to the story that’s not behind a paywall:

How did Texas kill the child? Please be specific in the method used to infect this child.

Coincidentally, a ratty bucktoothed troglodyte in Texas yelled this at me recently. Weird.

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It’s not the concern for the child, it’s the brightness of the virtue signal. That’s what’s important.

The girl died six weeks later in Philadelphia.

How much medical attention for the child did mom try and get during the month and a half(ish) after she was released?

  1. By jailing her in a place unsanitary enough to respiratory illness.
  2. Enough medical attention that the law firm (which is large enough not to take on cases they can’t win or settle) was willing to take the case.

But then again, you weren’t really interested.

Specifics please on how it was unsanitary.

Proof of this?

One of the things cited in another article was that when she was seen at the center clinic, there were dozens of people waiting to be seen before her.

DOZENS! Because waiting to be seen at an emergency room or doctors office is unheard of.

Not technically illegal.

What about Hilary’s emails?

(am I doing this right?)

In the US, if someone dies as a result of a crime, even if the death is unintentional, the people committing the crime can be criminally charged.

Wow! How is this a partisan thing people? A baby got ill while under our governments care and it is just apparently being charged with negligently releasing the child without making sure the little girl was alright.

Is the vitriol being posted in this thread simply because the little girl was an immigrant?

It just seems kind of ■■■■■■ up???

I mean, it’s a sad story, right? And if the government employees ■■■■■■ up then the government will pay and should pay, right?

What is all of the ugliness about?


I have said for a while that I was surprised that no one has died in the chaos surrounding handeling the border crises.

I guess that surprise is over.