US Space Force Prepares to Defend the Forest Moon of Endor

They need a better name than “Space Force”…its comical. And you just know Donnie came up with that name…It fits his intellectual age of about 9-10 years old.

I was thinking the same thing… I cant believe it’s actually called the space force.

Gene Roddenberry wrote at the time (and why I still remember this I don’t know!) that the sexiness of an outfit is not how much it reveals but how much it might reveal1

Ok, ok, ok…let’s go with…say…“be best force”? :sunglasses:

And only the elite become…

So are new recruits signing up for the Space Force called… space cadets? :joy::rofl:

Build a Space Wall to keep the Ewoks out!



It is hard to take this topic seriously.

Especially with respect to split infinitives.

I think “Trump Space Force” is the only name that truly conveys the gravity of the effort.

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Agreed. There is no way this was not going to look silly.

from what alien bugs?

To be a little more serious in an unserious topic, this first thing that came to mind when this was announced was a toy line and cartoon from my childhood: STARCOM: THE US SPACE FORCE.

There’s a good overview of the thing there. StarCom was actually funded by NASA to get kids interested in Space, and for a Kids Cartoon and Toyline was remarkably realistic, featuring a well thought out Military and Science that for the most part is reasonably grounded in what we still know today. The Cartoon was pretty well written and animated (I got the whole series on DVD recently for like 10 bucks off Amazon) and still holds up. And the toys, while fragile, were absolutely amazing, featuring little magnets so figured could walk on the starships, mechanical torque moving parts that didn’t require batteries, vehicles and cargo pods designed to fit in all the cargo areas of the larger vehicles and then unfold… It was the best toyline of my youth, and sadly, it never actually caught on.

But every time I hear Space Force I picture those guys in their awesome little astronaut military uniforms. Good times.

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Space Farce.

In my local high school in the early seventies and I’m sure many others, all the stoners were called space cadets.

When fighting space creatures. Preditor taught us the only acceptable uniform would be cold mud…because they only see heat signatures. The cold mud uniform blocks that sight.

The problem is there’s nothing inherently wrong with the idea of a space branch of the military - were it actually coupled with endeavors in space. If we had say a moon base, a space elevator, something more than the ISS, you know, actual interests in space that needed to be protected, a space force would be useful.

We don’t. We haven’t even tried since the 60s, though every President has given lip service to NASA, our space program is basically nonsense. So why do we have if now?

For the sole reason that Donald Trump wanted a branch of the military that he created. This thing is solely for one mans ego.

It’s actually pathetic.


The notion of US soldiers floating around space and shooting at each other reminded me of the big military parade that Trump wanted.

I’m also amused and concerned that the folks in the Pentagon are thinking of the Space Force as a variation of the infantry rather than as a variation on submariners.

What does the Pentagon imagine the Space Force will do? Float around in orbit and shoot at the enemy Bad Space Dudes? or walk around the moon, shooting at the Bad Space Dudes. (I wonder if they envision posing a guard outside the door to a lunar base?)

The Space Force is a great opportunity for readers of old SF to point and laugh.

That was the point I was trying to make about the Camo uniforms for Space Force. The Pentagon is not taking this seriously, which makes sense given that President Trump does not the Pentagon leadership seriously.