US soybean farmers warn Trump trade war with China will cause 'serious damage'


Cannot wait for all the farmers to go bankrupt and lose their farms.

I am well off enough to be able to pay more for anything I want that will be subjected to higher tariffs or go up in price because demand outstrips supply.

I am rooting for everything Trump does that hurts his base. Can not wait until Trump and the Repubs go after Medicare and SS.



Are you admitting the raising tariffs on imports cost some people jobs?






Change is hard. You are hoping, begging, pleading with your spaghetti God to make it so hard for some that you can find more Trump voters to say " I regret voting for Trump".

I admit that a shot of antibiotic stings. Surgery is painful. Chemo is life changing.

Previous weak administrations left us with a disease that needs treatment. Most who care about America will post encouraging words. Most who hate America will post hateful and scornful words.


I doubt any of them will regret their vote even after they go bankrupt, lose the health insurance, social security, etc. But I’ll be happy knowing they are hurting so it’s all good for me.


That will just be the fault of the Democratic congress.


How is filling that void going?


Bankrupt the small family farms so they can be bought cheap by corporate farm corporations…

All going to the conservative plan…


and tons sitting unsold. how does that make any sense.



It turns out Trump is the Enemy of the American People.


Bump. Bump forever.


How about this more current (two days ago) article:


In 2017, China bought close to 33 million tons of soybeans from the US.

We will be lucky to get back to where we started when this is all over.


Latest deal has them. Buying 1.2 trillion pver ten years…which exactly a little less than normal…he is gonna make a deal with zero change but a new name and call it a win…


Seems to be Trump’s MO.

  1. Promise something unrealistic
  2. Make controversial statements and or actions
  3. Allow controversy to fester, often at the detriment of the people he claims to be helping
  4. Act like a martyr and deflect when things don’t go well
  5. Return to status quo
  6. Take credit for fulfilling his promise when he’s done nothing

Trade seems like a good example. Past examples include the travel ban. Current examples include the border wall and North Korea talks.


Yep. Trump ■■■■■ things up himself, talks about how it’s everyone’s fault but his that things are ■■■■■■ up, comes up with a plan to ■■■■■■ things to be a little less ■■■■■■ they were than when he ■■■■■■ them up, then takes credit for ■■■■■■■■■ his own ■■■■ up.

Trump is a ■■■■ up.

But this isn’t a revolutionary strategy. He laid out this sequence in his book (which he didn’t write).


Really the tariffs have been canceled?


Nope. They have not


Trump was the guy in business school that would spend class time golfing. Then, the night before the exam, he’d “borrow” his roommate’s notes, cram like crazy, and get a C on the test - then promptly forget everything he’d just learned. He didn’t need all that book learning - his daddy was loaded. He could wait on his inheritance, completely ■■■■ up the family business, and still have millions in the bank.