US Senate approves North Macedonia to NATO

The United States Senate advised and consented to the ratification of a Protocol to the North Atlantic Treaty of 1949 that will provide for the accession of North Macedonia to NATO. The vote was 91 to 2 with Senators Lee and Paul voting no. President Trump or his designee is expected to formally ratify the Protocol and deposit it at NATO headquarters. 7 other NATO members still need to ratify the Protocol before North Macedonia can accede to NATO.

My favorite part about this whole thing is that the only holdup to their joining was the fact they called themselves Macedonia.

Yeah, Greece didn’t like that. :smile:

I can’t remember what it was exactly, but before they gave in on the name, in official communications with Europe they had to call themselves The Nation Sometimes Known As Macedonia or some such so Greece wouldn’t go bananas.

BTW, time for a little bone picking about sloppy journalism. :smile:


The United States Senate did NOT ratify the Protocol.

The United States Senate advised and consented to ratification of the Protocol.

Only the President of the United States or his designee (typically a diplomatic officer) can actually ratify a Treaty or Protocol.

Just this one sloppy little error that is constantly promulgated by at least one news outlet anytime a new Treaty or Protocol comes up. :smile: