US recognizes the opposition as the legitimate government of Venezuela

In quickly developing story, the US government has recognized the elected opposition in Venezuela and the Maduro regime has ordered US diplomats out of the country:

According to Spanish language reports, Canada and eleven Latin American countries have also recognized the opposition government. The Latin American countries include Venezuela’s neighbors, Columbia and Brazil.

It looks the beginning of the end for the Maduro government.

Do you support the actions of the Trump administration?

What should the US and Latin American countries do to hasten a peaceful change of power?

I favor the action as the international consensus is clear. Trump is clearly doing the right thing.

Ultimately, I believe only violence will rid Venezuela of Maduro and all his associated scum.

There will be no peaceful change of power the military support Maduro.

It is interesting that the US reports that I have seen make no mention of the actions of the Latin American countries and Canada.

Why the news blackout about that?

Its all over twitter.

One wild card is Russia. Putin has supported Maduro and placed long-range bombers on a Venezuelan island in the Caribbean.

Its major news story in Canada, Canada has been calling Venezuela out since the election few weeks ago.

Crickets in the US.

Even now most of the US media seems to be ignoring the story and the only mention of the actions of the Canadian and Latin American governments that could find in English came from Canada.

Some do. I’m unsure of who will come out on top.

either way it will be a blood bath, the election was a sham I fully support Canada not accepting the outcome.

Canada foreign affair minster (Canadian version of sectary of state) is a monster very tough she never back down from her position.

The balance of power can tip quickly sometimes.

I was amazed at the rapid collapse of the Soviet Union and Communist states in eastern Europe with minimal loss of blood.

Yep right now everyone is looking out for themselves support of the western powers is huge and might swing some key military leaders.

It may also depend on the degree that Columbia and Brazil are willing to support the opposition government.

Maduro does have radical supporters, heavily armed and well financed. I’m surprised they haven’t put down the protests yet. The situation must be dire.

Who knows. This action will have long term consequences in the region if the United States becomes more involved.

People are getting desperate. The economy has collapsed and people are going hungry even though Venezuela has the world’s largest oil reserves.

Venezuela was once one of the richest countries in Latin America. But since 2012 the economic output went down by almost 50% and it continues to head down. By comparison the Great Depression in the US showed a 30% drop in output.

Maduro has to go. However, I remain skeptical of a new government and their agenda.

Its going to be more of the same, just another strong-armed group of people trying to get rich off the suffering of others.

basing your whole economy on a single sector is stupid.