US pulls out of nuclear treaty with Russia

Once again he is kissing Putin’s buttocks. He really is a threat to national security

The dependable USA.

sigh…this is the conversation right now in my work space. The talk around here, and FTR this crap is transcends party and/or political ideology, he is our greatest security threat. His ignorance, lack of governance and sophomoric attitude could quite possibly cost all of us. Everyday we are one miscalculation, one misunderstanding away from being the last generation of humans on this planet.

But earlier this year the US and Nato accused Russia of violating the pact by deploying a new type of cruise missile, which Moscow has denied.

The Americans said they had evidence that Russia had deployed a number of 9M729 missiles - known to Nato as SSC-8. This accusation was then put to Washington’s Nato allies, which all backed the US claim.

“Russia is solely responsible for the treaty’s demise,” Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a statement on Friday.

Does anyone here think it’s smart, to stay in a treaty that binds your hands but in which the other side has broken their promise?

Well Pompeo said it there you go.

So Trump is now finished ripping up agreements going back to to the 90s so he can rebrand them and is now working on the 80s.

Give him another term he might make it all the way back to the constitution.

what else do we have? Do a better job in holding Putin and Moscow accountable.

Why stay in a treaty that gives each side options to handle what happens if one side violates the treaty? Just tear the whole thing up and then you have nothing. Brilliant!

I would love to hear how removing ourselves from a treaty, that now allows us to develop a weapon that could greatly hurt Russia, is in your opinion…“kissing Putin’s buttocks”? Please OP…elaborate. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Unfortunately…the same as it’s been since the beginning of time. Might…is right.

This is exactly what Putin wants… Trump dumbass ego can’t even see it…

Arms manufacturing lobby totally all over this.

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We already have…and still have…enough weapons to “hurt” Russia.

What part of “posturing over weapons that can never be used” don’t you get?

It sounds very similar to the allegation of WMDs.

No doubt but then systems are developed to counter the potential of the weapons of yesterday. Technology continues and doesn’t stop. What part of this…“don’t you get”?

It’s almost like the administration sucks at diplomacy…

…or that he’s not ignoring the problem…like Obama did regarding Russian hacking…amirite? :sunglasses:

Sigh…you ever tired of this ■■■■■■■■ talking point?
Had Obama came out and said Russians are trying hack things what would have been your answer?

He is trying to sway the election…
Obama was ■■■■■■ either way from your group…I’m just tired of you guys pretending he wasnt.

Ignore? Let’s ask Mitch how he voted on whether to inform the american public…

Way to tear up what Reagan considered one of his if not his most important accomplishment as president. Noice. Smort.

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