US Postal Service

Just found out something shipped to me in Massachusetts from all the way in Georgia should be in my mailbox by the end of this month.

I ordered it last month. Is anybody else having trouble with the USPS? We had what I thought was a real LOL thread about the Postal Service on the old Forum.

It has been years since I had any trouble with them. The only time I ever had anything get lost in the mail it was 4 Full Day passes to Six Flags that I had won in a Radio Station Trivia contest. I don’t do Six Flags. I had mailed them to a cousin and her husband and two kids. The tickets never made it. Grrrrrrrrr

I ordered this pillow that was labeled a smart pillow of the interweb. I never got it. Found out last week it was sent to Konssurvative1. Only not in the US it went to Russia! LOL

Have you seen the tracking to see when it was actually shipped by the place you purchased? I ordered from a place, the day I ordered they created the shipping lable (for usps). They were back ordered (web page said in stock - go figure) and didn’t ship for a month. I then had it in hand in three days.

UPS on the other hand routinely holds my packages in Salt Lake City. If when I get notification it says it will be deilvered on x date, they will hold it in Salt Lake until the day before they have said it will get to me. USPS on some stuff I orderd said it wouldn’t be here until the 19th, but check today and said it’s on the truck for delivery today (can’t waaaaaait to sink my teeth into some low carb goodies!)