US Postal Service reportedly tracking Americans’ social media posts

Well yeah, just pretend it’s all about getting those evil right wingers, and you get instant approval from some.

Just like when the NSA was just trying to get those squirrely islamic terrorists while spying on everyone else.


Everyone? I thought the issue was that they were targeting certain people. Hence the fauxrage.

Well yeah, you suck at that too, but lets get back on topic so you can defend government spying some more. :wink:

Even worse.

Just like the NSA during the last 20 year scare campaign.

“We’re protecting you!”


Obviously millions and millions and millions…and millions of dollars in destruction of personal property, looting, violence and arson are no big deal but when sheople troughs label it an “insurrection”…

…then it’s…image

…and ain’t that the truth! :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


Same game, different 20 year block. Patterns.

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Please. Why the hell do you think it’s a good idea for the post office to be fiddle farting around with the social media of private citizens? This is funded by the postage you pay. Why the hell do you want or need this?

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Never said I did. Wouldn’t classify it as spying though.

Meanwhile, those idiots are trying to get billions in additional funding. Obviously, it isn’t for mailing things.

So you think they should should stop paying people to tinker with social media? Maybe spend their money delivering packages?


I say we defund the USPS cops.

Sure. They could also stop paying government employees to browse porn sites. Still happens though. Why do government employees need internet access in the first place? If they’re not using it for their job?

Are you talking about the FBI and child porn? I think they’re the only ones who are paid to do anything like this. Why would we want to shut that down?

No. I’m talking about government employees browsing porn sites on the taxpayer dime in general. They also can’t be fired if caught doing it. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

LOL…so they tracking me to here huh? Hope the ■■■■■■■■ are learning something. :rofl:


OK what did you do with PG?

I thought that was against policy. I didn’t know that we were specifically paying people to do that. Maybe if they have that much extra time we should drastically reduce the size of government? That would be the obvious thing to do.

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The fact that government is tracking social media posts should surprise no one…but for the USPS doing it not only is it odd but wrong

I guess this comes from a document obtained by yahoo news.

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What is the law enforcement branch of the USPS normally doing? Is it even necessary to have a law enforcement branch of the USPS?