US Postal Service reportedly tracking Americans’ social media posts

The mail is now a spy agency. And here we were all being told that the USPS needs more funding. Perhaps they already have more than enough. :thinking:

Please. There is no expectation of privacy on social media. Employers have been sifting through people’s social media posts for years.

Well, there’s one approval. Next. lol


Approval? Couldn’t possibly care less.

That means you do care. :wink:

Why would USPS need to do this? Don’t we already have enough, highly capable, branches to do this exact thing?

It’s weird.

Weird sure. Illegal, no. Spying? Again, no.

One would think they should focus on improving their abysmal delivery system and let the spy agencies do the spying. :man_shrugging:



If USPS does this… what the hell is the NSA doing?! Probably worse ■■■■■

Cant wait to hear about what the department of education is doing in spy games…


I don’t know. If people post stupid things on social media for literally everyone to see, they’re practically begging to be looked at.

As for the NSA, they’ve been drag netting cell phone conversations for key words for longer than social media has been a thing. Way more sinister than scraping Facebook posts.

They started surveillance programs in the late 70s. Monitoring information that isn’t publicly available. Huge difference.

Likely something way more sinister than monitoring all of our phone calls.

Well if you think watching out for parler posts is spying can’t wait to hear what you think the NSA is doing is. :laughing:

The USPS has no reason to be spying on social media, your tacit approval notwithstanding.


If only it were spying. You say this like anyone couldn’t do exactly the same thing if they wanted to.

Hell, posts on this forum routinely show up in a google search. Is that spying too? :laughing:

Not denying this… but why the USPS?

No idea. I’m not sure why anyone is surprised though. Schools are monitoring social media. So are employers. How is this any different?

tracks Americans’ social media posts — including ones about planned right-wing protests, a report revealed Thursday.

…and yet, ALL of the violence, arson, looting and destruction of personal property during protests, are all left wing, in Democrat run enclaves. Now why do you think that is that this is no concern to a Democrat Congress or the WH?


Piss poor attempt at “If you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about.” noted. :wink:


Piss poor attempt at trolling also noted. :roll_eyes:

Unless I missed something…USPS is not monitoring their employees. They are monitoring everyone else.