US officially lifts sanctions on firms tied to Russian oligarch

Yeah sorry. A link regarding arranging for a hostage release.

No… republicans view Cuba as a grave threat and prohibit americans from doing business with them…

While at the same time think russia is a friendly nation full homest businessman just trying to make am honest buck…


Chris Burnham used to be vice chair for Deutsche bank Asset Management division.

Also on the list of of being on the board is igor lojevsky who was the Vice Chair of the Eastern European division of Duetsch bank Asset Management… who made his son, Maxim Lojevsky one of the heads of Deutschebank Russia… who is now a Partner for PostScriptum Partners which is a Cypriot investment firm.

Okay… got to go out to the store for more thumbtacks and red string.


Ah. Thank you. I could go for a nice Cuban cigar though.

Those go well with vodka.

Very well indeed. When my son was born I was able to enjoy a nice sip of Belenkaya with a Cuban cigar in Afghanistan. Lots of Russians over there. Or were anyway.

Manafort has to be loving this. He ripped this fella off for fifteen million dollars.

Hmmmmm. Could our good Slavic friend think of the lifting of sanctions as some sort of payment on manafort’s debt?

Amazing what happens when you owe someone half a billion simoleons.

Interesting, what more about them?