US officially lifts sanctions on firms tied to Russian oligarch

He, personally, remains under US sanction. He’s agree to reduce ownership to a max of 49.99% and they’re putting new directors in place. It’s also being reported that he and his buds will retain majority ownership.

He’s worth $28 Billion, has been investigated in Spain and by the US for money-laundering and has business dealing with Sergei Popov and Anton Malevsky (Russian mobsters).

Gotta give Trump credit for not caring how stuff looks.

Oh, and Democrats in Congress tried to block this move but guess who stopped them?


Good for Putin. I hope he got a kickback.

Toughest president on Russia evar!!!

Within hours of this Chris Burnham who worked for both Trump and John Bolton was named as a director of their main company.

Drain The Swamp!

into a bigger more contaminated swamp.

Well that doesn’t look suspicious in the least bit.

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Honestly, corruption this open should be causing riots. But no, let’s talk some more about how mean the media is to super nice Mr Trump, the bestest president evahs.


It’s because it is all happening in the open that it seems that people are reticent to call out the crimes that are happening in front of us.

If the President put in an email the stuff he put out in the open on Twitter it would be an open and shut case of witness tempering and obstruction.

Now this.


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We just misheard Trump when he said “drain the swamp.” What he actually meant was “make the swamp full again.”

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At the extremely very least Trump and his team are terrible at optics. Just completely terrible.


Can’t believe this guy arranged for the release of an American fbi worker being held hostage by iran, and HILLARY CLINTON shot down the release.

Can’t find info on this. Have a link?

Hillary lost bro, get over it.

Was that a reply to me?? Link for what??

Are we doing business with the Cubans yet?

Did the Cubans attack our elections? Are you ok with fat donald lifting these sanctions?

HurrdurrrFatDonald! lol

So are we doing business with Cuba yet?

Not answering my question? That’ what I thought.

That’s only because he knows his base lacks any actual principles or morals, in spite of their “religiousness”.