US, North Korea break off nuclear talks after months of negotiations

Good thing fat donald legitimized their dictator, cancelled joint military exercises with South Korea and allowed his weapons development to advance unimpeded, because at least in return we got…nothing.

What’s a good thing is…trying to denuclearize an entity that possibly threatens the entire world. Yeah…that’s baaa, baaaa, baaaad in the eyes of sheople…amirite? :sunglasses:

The President did nothing to stop North Korea’s nuclear program.

By all evidence, it has accelerated.

So yes… that is bad.

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So what you’re saying is Trump needs to meet with that dictator a few more times and write him a few more love letters and then NK will give up on its nuke program?


We got jack ■■■■ in return. Fat donald, the greatest negotiator on earth. :rofl:

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But Korea now has ssbm capabilities…yaaaaaay

Doing NOTHING is “did nothing” and what you just posted isn’t based on the facts.

This is what you just suggested. Here…read what you posted again. :sunglasses:

He does have a bad case of having a positive mental attitude.

Positive attitude does not equal ignoring the realities of the world. He could have said " and they will no longer be…" Or “on the path to…” But that’s not what he stated is it?

That’s why it’s a “bad” case and not a good case. :sunglasses:

Did at anytime during his adminn, north Korea not continue to be a nuclear threat? Or stop testing missiles?

Dear Donald,

This will be my last beautiful letter to you, it’s over. You cheated on me with Ukraine. How could you?

Kim Jong-un


Of course it is the facts.

The President got played by a tin pot dictator.

North Korea gave up nothing in this exchange.

The President gave up withholding legitimacy to the hermit kingdom.

So yeah… that is bad.

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Did Trump attempt to thwart their effort? Maybe he should have done the same thing as previous administrations and expected different results? Is that what you’re suggesting? What is it that you think Trump should have or could have done better?

Plus a couple of millions for the medical bill of a tortured us citizen…

Not give away the one things ever north Korea leader have been begging for from a US president, not throw South Korea under the bus, not kowtow on military drills, not salute a North Korean general

Really? Please…tell me enlightened one…how is NK better off today, than before Trump was elected?

Decreased military drills between south and US, hiiiige propaganda wins with all of the pictures with a us president.

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