US Navy veteran detained in Iran has been released after deal with Tehran

Michael White has been released by Iran a day after the United States released Iranian Doctor Matteo Taerri and permitted him to return to Iran.

White was serving a 13 year sentence for posting private information online and insulting the Supreme Leader.

Taerri was close to completing a short sentence for evading sanctions and violating transaction laws.

The United States also deported an Iranian scientist as part of the deal.

Thank’s Mr. President.

He had been charged with insulting Iran’s Supreme Leader and posting private information online.

Good thing libs don’t live in Iran. :sunglasses:

They want to be the American Mullahs enforcing their own sacred progressive law. They would start by banning Fox news. I have no doubt of this.

What was that knucklehead doing in Iran anyway?

isn’t it obvious?

I think I heard he was visiting his new Iranian girlfriend.

Was the deal a pallet of billions in Swiss francs?