US Navy 80% Responsible for 2017 Collision, Tanker Owner to Pay $45M

Evidently, United States District Judge Paul Crotty is not well versed in basic maritime law.

The USS John McCain was the overtaking and thus the “give-way” vessel. The Alnic MC was the “stand on” vessel.

The McCain as the give-way vessel bore the burden of collision avoidance. The Alnic MC as the stand on vessel only had the obligation to take action once it was clear the McCain was acting recklessly and by then it was too late. And with the size of the vessel, unlikely the Alnic MC could have taken any meaningful action to avoid the collision.

This court decision was wrong, the United States should have been found 100% at fault and 100% liable and the Alnic should have been completely cleared of fault and liability.

The company should appeal this and the Second Circuit should set aside any liability for the Alnic and any monetary judgement.

Reminds me of an old joke where a carrier captain is demanding another change course and the guy responds “This is a light house … your call, sir.”

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The Navy has been in serious trouble for quite a while. The efforts to minimize the problems are only making things worse. I suspect the collisions are just the tip of the iceberg.

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