US jobless claims drop to 49 year low...Truck sales double as freight is moving like mad

Another sign of how well the Trump admin is running the economy, once again record low jobless claims.

And in an eye to the future as long as Trump is president, Tractor trailer orders doubled last month.

I bet they double because they can now write the expense off in one year, and they know the economy is booming.

That’s amazing.

Trump is Cool…

But, I know some coward, or fake person wrote a memo with no facts in it, so Trump must be bad…LMAO!

Last month we had record manufacturing increases,and record income tax collections…

Is that Kim coming back to the table?

Canada about to sign an new Nafta …

And we had to listen to libs BS, exaggeration and lies the last 20 months.

So we expect em to move on to next outrage.

USA today thinks tariffs are the way to go…

Look how fast China economy grown…at the expense of ours and some extent Europe and Canada.

That’s the libs idea of “fair” trade. Everybody can have tariffs but us. :roll_eyes:

Yes, and those crazy rich Asians are embracing the works of Adam Smith not Marx while dems are heading down the Cuban socailsim road … It’s their demographics…lol

The Unemployment rate for August will come out tomorrow. I heard over the radio that they are estimated that about 165,000 jobs were created last month.

I’m not sure they are embracing Adam Smith philosophy as much as they have embraced communist goverment as long as communist allows em to use their goverment/control to build up China.

This is categorically bull ■■■■■ Last month, we had lower income tax collection from the same month in the prior year.

Jobless claims drop to 49 year low. Truck sales double as freight is moving like mad.

Roaring Twenties coming again?

They morphed into fascism more than communism these days. Meaning the govt is a complete tyranny, but they allow business to run themselves largely… As opposed to the old USSR where all production was run by the state, or like Venezuela having the military run nationalized business.

I was hoping trade would make them a democratic republic, but it seems to have just made the tyrants rich…

The Gay 90’s perhaps…

Oh, that’s right, it’s September now… I was talking about July… Still, after a tax cut…lol

What has the Trump admin done specifically to obtain this outcome?

The parallels are more in line with those of the Roaring Twenties.

Not started a nuclear war, that has to count for something right?

If your media had not been on a irrational hate Trump Jihad for the last two years, you’d know already…

CBO estimates that receipts in July 2018 totaled $225 billion—$7 billion (or 3 percent) less than those in the same month last year. Individual income and payroll taxes dropped by $1 billion, on net.

Just stop going down this path. You’re wrong in every way.

Ok. I’m asking a legit question. The article in the OP doesn’t point to anything specific. You brought up Trump as a cause for this. What are you basing that on?