US House cmte. leaders have begun releasing transcripts of impeachment inquiry testimony

This is the public phase of fat donald’s impeachment inquiry.
Hopefully the GOP won’t start whining about how public everything has become.

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They will do whatever it is the AM gods tell them to do…

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I bet you Matt Gaetz is going to storm Schiff’s press conference and insist all this openness is unfair.


Terrible move on the Democrats’ part.

They’re gonna look like fools when it’s clear from the transcripts that Republicans have been totally shut out of the process, unable to ask questions, being locked out the secret rooms.


I call them perfect transcripts


Soviet style public hearings!!!


It sounds like the WH is testing the line that these transcripts have been edited by the Democrats to make Trump look bad. If they try to go there it really does prove that they have nothing.

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Oh look the Republicans had equal time to ask their questions. An hour and then 45 minutes just like the dems.

Glad we could bury that moronic talking point…


they probably prefer they be private, at least they’d have a talking point for people to parrot.

Who gives a rat’s ass?

These are fake transcripts.

The actual transcripts are currently under audit and will be released at a later time.


You should. They show that the Republicans have been lying to the Revanchist Herd, who have been slurping it up pretending it’s lib tears.

Moo moo moo. Amirite?

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So cool. Miles Davis level cool.

The House can impeach him for anything, or nothing at all, who is the left trying to convince?

You think you’re going to change a vote? :rofl:

I liked this one.

BREAKING: Transcript shows ousted Ukraine ambassador Yovanovitch says she was told to tweet praise of Trump to save her job.

Fake transcripts!!

hahahah what a ■■■■■■■

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LOL he’s pathetic.

Obvious libs do…