US farmers stressed, angry at trade wars

“For American farmers, this isn’t theoretical anymore, it’s downright scary,”

“It’s no longer a negotiating tactic, it’s a tax on their livelihoods.”

“We were already in a depressed market. These trade uncertainties add a lot of stress to this situation,”

“We feel these tariffs are very damaging to our agricultural economy.”

Quite the Father’s Day gift, huh?

The tariffs will inflict pain on some in our country but will also assist those who had pain inflicted on them by not having the tariffs. Hopefully in the long run, all Americans have an improved economy.

Honestly, I don’t care. This is what they voted for.


In the long run, we’ll probably have a recession.

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Since things are cyclical, “we” are due.

Just needs a little nudge eh?

If you voted to let a horse lose in a hospital because you want to sew chaos and set “the establishment” on fire and Lol at lib tears then you’re going to have a hard time getting sympathy from me when the consequences of spite voting bite you right in the ass.


How about some applause when it doesn’t? :sunglasses:

Dems pretending to care about farmers. Interesting.


There aren’t that many “farmer” political issues. Subsidies are occasionally controversial with fiscal conservatives but not in any serious way. I think Republicans captured farmers mainly off of social conservatism.

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So basically wealth redistribution.

You don’t know anything at all about farmers though, do you?

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I know quite a bit.

Yes and theoretically from other economies that have been enriched at our expense, returning to our economy.

No you don’t.

More than you apparently.

Nope. You’re describing wealth redistribution from those who benefit from free trade to those who suffer from free trade.

Not at all. But you have a nice day.

Our national debt proves you wrong. Wealth has been gained for a few at the top and at the expense of those at the bottom.