US Consumer Confidence Hits 18 YEAR HIGH

The people are feeling great… Trump is Cool…

" The US economy continued to smash expectations and break records under President Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress in August, with new data showing consumer confidence at levels not seen in approximately 18 years.

According to CNBC, the Consumer Board Index rose to 138.4 this summer from 134.7; surpassing expectations as industry insiders predicted a “dip” to 132."

How high can it go…?

Trump Boom!.. Going to be a fantastic Christmas. Poor libby.

But all the toys are made in China. Will Santa be able to afford anything from Walmart?

Just because there is a 10% tariff does not mean, it will all be passed on.

I love naivety, it’s so cute.

Yes, the left is very naive… Did Obama have any Tariffs?