US Army signs contract to study UFO material and make better weapons

Um, wat? Rogan isn’t a nutball, so i’m not dismissing this entirely out of hand.

I consider myself still a skeptic on litttle green men flying around, but I have to admit some of the international Govt actions I’ve seen over the past year or two have made me reconsider a bit.

Seems like every Govt is declassifying their various programs they’ve had up and running studying the subject, and releasing what they’ve got.

Still, I’ll believe it when I see it :laughing:.

Wow yeah I am not into UFOs. I always like to hear the stories of people who say they saw something. I know I am a bit less of a skeptic since seeing the military pilots video.

So TTSA claims to have UFO technology and the Army decided to take a look? Interesting.

It wouldn’t be the first time the DoD have thrown money at out there stuff. mkultra, was an attempted mind control program using drugs, and the Stargate project, the Army tried to use psychics for remote viewing spying.

I would recommend everyone read “The Men Who Stare at Goats”.

Really good book.

Terrible Movie.

I concur it’s a great book,another good Ronson book is “THEM Adventures With Extremists”

There is a chapter with Alex Jones that just shows what an absolute moron he is.


so your telling me shrink rays are a thing

I’ve always enjoyed the idea but haven’t taken it seriously since I was a kid.

But the last few years my eyebrows keep getting raised higher and higher :laughing:.

Not in the idea that there’s some massive global conspiracy, but that various world Govt’s/militairies think something is up and can’t currently explain it.

Used to think they were just behaving that way to cover for current experiments with test aircraft, but I find that argument less and less convincing as time goes on.

It’s defo been interesting watching the US militairy be a bit more open on the subject, especially re: pilot experiences and radar/sensor data that matches up with aerial footage.

Please share some links/info!
I was a UFO nerd when i was youngish, but i have been out of the loop for a very long time.

I am a big fan of Ronson. He did a followup short book about Jones in the 2016 election called “The Elephant in the Room”

Quite Good.

Yeah the military footage is intriguing. I still think it’s someone like DARPA fooling around with stuff and they occasionally get caught. My crazy theory is that its us in the future testing stuff and maybe some weird kind of plasma isn’t as bound to laws of physics and time like most matter. But I don’t buy alien visitation.

The US Navy has been releasing information that supports the existence of UFOs as some sort of alien technology.

My opinion is the Navy sightings are consistent with probes that do not necessarily have any actual aliens.

For background see: