US announces that the G7 summit in 2020 will be held at a resort that trump owns in south Florida

Fat donald is trying to find out how much he can get away with.

There is absolutely no shame. And no grift too small for this con man.


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Honestly. What new can be said about this? His supporters clearly don’t care. The adults in the room can just file this away and work against his reelection.

Wow. Sounds like a emoluments lawsuit waiting to happen.

Fat donald just doesn’t care and I would imagine, neither do many of his supporters.

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Corruption is cool…


Corruption out in the open. Fat donald just doesn’t care.

More and more brazen each passing moment. The disgrace and corruption continue.

Fox News will cover for him. So will the rest of the RW echo chamber. He is not held accountable to Republican voters. He knows that he can pretty much get away with ANYTHING he wants…ANYTHING.

If course this assumes he’s still president then

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It’s simply incredible watching this over here and thinking what is wrong with these people who don’t think that there is anything to be bothered by this.


Hence the whole Ukraine thing.

Lol our country holding a world summit at a money-losing cheesy bedbuggy 3rd rate Trump property.

Here we are.

As a country, we are ridiculous.


Something, something swamp.

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Well let’s see.

How many other venues already have world leader level security in place and can offer what is needed for a successful meeting?

I suppose Camp David would work also.

I suspect the members would prefer the chosen venue.

Having hundreds of employees working hospitality and security and allowing the participants to focus on the issues is a good plan if you ask me.

Is the Trump venue going to get “rich” from hosting this event? Not really. It is a nice contract with a benefit to the taxpayer and the venue.


That’s the spirit!!


Lol a “benefit to the taxpayer”.

Well done.




Lol those hundreds of “hospitality workers” are a real benefit…:rofl:

I can’t even.

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Let’s see what material upgrades to the facility are needed for security and other issues. Let’s see what Bill the taxpayers foot to upgrade this privately owned facility.

And the notion of hiring local people to do security… don’t be silly.

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