US air strike targets Islamic state member

Not a lot of info yet

get those poll numbers up


What does it matter. Biden is a one termer. Like his predecessor.


But no comment on the content of the article.

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Something tells me if they did nothing, you’d be complaining about the lack of leadership.


they already did do nothing

now what, 11 moms have to be told they wont see their sons anymore


what it matters is that more lives will lost with such a reckless lack of leadership

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So, we can at least tell them we got those responsible and this is still that is an issue for for you.

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Well that takes care of that, Biden got his man.

But did we? Reading that article it seems like we got….someone.

Oh, he’s gonna complain regardless


I’m glad they blasted them by the warnings from the state department about staying away from the airport again sounds like they’re thinking could be another attack.

The Taliban did us no favors when they emptied out the jails of ISIS members.


THE Taliban, ISIS and AlQueda are all sunni muslim who inter-marry and swap organisatuon membership affiliations regularly. They were releasing their relatives.

Except ISIS-K and the Taliban are bitter enemies.

“The enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

Mistaken in this case.

[quote=“DisturbedGuy, post:16, topic:240011, full:true”]

ISIS is not ISIS-K.

[quote=“Paul_Thomson, post:17, topic:240011, full:true”]

ISIS-K is responsible for the attack.

The prisoners released were not imprisoned as ISIS-K.

Be honest, what would you be saying if Trump were still President and this ■■■■ was going on?

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