"Uranium One" Fact checking the FactChecker, my research


It’s about SCIFUS selling Americas uranium to the enemy.


How much Uranium was sold?


Was it America’s uranium?


It is a deadly resource on American soil that could be used against us making it a notional security risk to sell to your enemy.


Geezuz. Sick and sad.


Well done.


I hear they are also interested in our asbestos mines


Sssshhhhh, Hillary will want to sell that too.


…and once again - for the thousandth time.

How can it be “used against us”?

You’ve desperately tried to avoid this question before - let’s see if you’ve come up with an answer.




Wasting your time, Doc.


if it’s irrelevant then why do you keep saying it?

how can it be used against us?


It’s like someone trying to convince everyone that you can get high by smoking your hemp clothes.


Learned that one the hard way.


The best lessons are the ones learned through experience :smirk:


so it this happening tomorrow, D13? Is Huber’s testimony going to bring it all crashing down? Is Huber even going to testify? I don’t see any news about this.


Huber and Tom Fitton from Judicial watch will testify.


do you have a link to verify that they are testifying tomorrow, or at any time?


I forgot about this thread. So, D13 is tomorrow, can’t wait!!


This was on google