"Uranium One" Fact checking the FactChecker, my research


Pretty hilarious how foolish the December 5 gullible kooks look now. Ha ha ha ha ha!


You tell me.


Not to bright of you to ignore 41 funeral!


Wow. That’s a big change from this morning.


To be fair, I’m sure he believed that ObamaCare would be repealed and replaced on Day One.

Easily duped.


Lol, what? President Bush really died. No doubt about it. No fraud hoax or there.

Now all this about “you’ll all see on December 5th!” … what a spectacular failure! Bravo!


According to Qanon nutjobs, 41 was given a lethal injection and then buried at Gitmo.


These numbnuts are everywhere!


Just wolves pouncing on the wounded and dying.


Found the lie! Wanna guess?

Mossack Fonsica has no ties to the Clinton Foundation, and only the loosest ties to the Clintons themselves. Here’s a right wing nut source trying desperately to link them:

And then admitting;

The Clintons themselves do not appear to be in Mossack Fonseca’s database, nor does it appear that their daughter, Chelsea, or her husband, Marc Mezvinsky, who co-founded a hedge fund, are listed.

Meanwhile, the ties they try to make are;

Among them are Gabrielle Fialkoff, finance director for Hillary Clinton’s first campaign for the U.S. Senate; Frank Giustra, a Canadian mining magnate who has traveled the globe with Bill Clinton; a member of the Chagoury family, which pledged $1 billion in projects to the Clinton Global Initiative; and Chinese billionaire Ng Lap Seng, who was at the center of a Democratic fund-raising scandal when Bill Clinton was president.

So just to point out what I’m sure will not at all be obvious to the idiots, their connections are a former staffer from years ago, a guy Clinton hung out with, and people who donated to the Clintons in the past.

This is actually more degrees of separation than (you guessed it) DONALD TRUMP has with Mossack.

So good try, but you can leave now. You’ve been faked newsed. Again.


I thought it was 41.6% of Eminem’s Band



Ouch. Did you really have to drop a nuke on an anthill? :joy:


No biggy, will try the 13 of December.


Are trying to say the sell never happen? Because thanks to Mueller and Rosenstein it did!


Bro, trust the plan. We will be here enjoying the show.


D13 is the new D5! Party’s back on bois!


I know I em, watching Hillary squirm yesterday was priceless.


How much Uranium does Uranium One mine inside of the US?


That’s not what this thread is about.


Why is that? Is that because the source referenced in the Wikipedia article you linked to destroys your claim?