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10 booms.


It is now 4:45 pm EST. Has Mueller been arrested yet???


According to Tomahawk, the day is not over.


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Bbbbbbbbbbbreaking news:

QAnon says you two are disinformation agents.


Yall said it was supposed to happen today. Tomahawk says its still going to happen. Q says that you’re pushing a false narrative.




We should have known that Tomahawk and Weedhopper were agents of the Deep State!!!


We’re going to have to get to the bottom of this. Weedhopper if you’re CIA you gotta tell us man.


Weed Hopper.
What hops?
google Barry Seal
Columbia > Arkansas


Makes as much sense as most of this thread. :slight_smile:


D5 the fuse is lit, doesnt mean that is when the bomb goes off.


Well shoot guys. I guess the D5 thing just isn’t happening. So much for the 10,000 Hillary is in Jail Thanks to Q T-Shirts I printed.


Trust the plan.


What makes you believe QAnon is a reliable source?


Why could an anonymous 4chan poster give false information? :grin:


Well done!!!


So what happened today, Nostradamus?


It is now past 7:00 pm EST. And there is still not any news about Mueller being arrested.


A fuse was lit somewhere apparently.


There have been people bouncing off walls/no sleep for days over this. I imagine the inevitable crash has been severe.