"Uranium One" Fact checking the FactChecker, my research


Peewee Herman


So was Comey supposed to testify today?


You wouldn’t be asking if you read the links I posted, help yourself to them.


What happen to Linch? You don’t care about her?


Welp, I guess we can caulk this up to yet another ridiculous premise being proven false.

Time to focus on real issues, like Friday and the Mueller’s release of the report on Manafort.

Crazy time is over.


Getting late in the day, where’s your big arrest announcement.


Lynch, Linch, or Lunch?

I hope you always have a GPS with you when you’re out and about. Because you can’t even keep track of where you are in this thread.


Weedhopper might be wandering the streets, looking for red hat mob people to chant “Lock him up!”


You scared?


Lol. Terrified,


Not as scared as the explorers who first found the ice wall at the edge of the flat-earth…ammirite?


Feels like I’m talking to 6 of you.


I guess the “D” in D5 stands for disappointment. :unamused:


Whoopi Manafort


And not giving a straight answer to anyone. Or usually not even an answer that pertains to what you were asked.


To bad someone had to die to stop it.


But surely more than 5 by now.


Your question are a deflection, but you can ask anyways.


That is the burden of internet prophets.


I thought they were going to drop a fifth Mighty Ducks movie.