"Uranium One" Fact checking the FactChecker, my research


It’s becoming an all time classic, just like avgbear’s “$9 dollar gallon” thread.


But I thought Huber’s investigation was today. You never tied it to anyone’s testimony until today.


How does it feel to want? :rofl::rofl::rofl:


can you show that 20% of America’s Uranium was sold?


Always deflecting, aren’t you. :wink:


I’ve known it for days!


Please don’t shy away from these predictions though. Wiley Coyote was always my favorite.


Well then why didn’t you tell us? Was Comey supposed to testify today?


It’s 20% control of the mines.


Just a comment for the pic.



No, it’s not.

You can’t seem to get anything right about this, can you?


My favorite was Obama’s you can keep your Doctor.


oh, so it’s 20% control. Can you show that? Do you have any sources to back that up?

Also, just a few moments ago, 12 minutes by the forum clock, you said:

why did you change the narrative?


Another deflection? Sad.


You should know by know Rosenstein and Mueller buried uranium One!


So they dug up 20% of the uranium, and then buried one?

Those two are strong and fast.


You keep deflecting from the treason committed by the Obama Administration.


I’m not asking about it being buried. I’d like to see your sources for:



look at the size of the hands on this animal:

is that the deputy AG or Paul Bunyon?


Lol, Yep I’m the deflector. :roll_eyes: