"Uranium One" Fact checking the FactChecker, my research


I think what’s more important is what you thought would happen.

At least, I’m sure it’ll be somewhat entertaining.


Arrests outside after the funeral. #D5


They started last year with the Saudi, keep up.


Should be, treason to the tenth degree!


I wounder if the fear is making Obama grayer.


What does your post (or mine for that matter) have to do with Bush dying?

And who is lunch?


You’re the one who told us to trust the plan and gave us dates to witness for ourselves said plan.

We all saved the date as told by you.

this is your party and you have all these guests but no entertainment besides showing us your tap dancing? Boo. Booooo.


You’re sounding cranky. Are you realizing Mueller’s never going to be arrested?





It’s coming.


If I’m not getting the bread I was promised, I better damn well get a good flat-earth theory.

@tomahawk, tell me about the ice wall. 123go :


Not based off the fact he was FBI in charge of uranium One when CIFUS help sell 20% of America’s uranium.


For any reason?


The storm?


And what, are your feelings hurt?


Timing has to be just right for the two of them to testify, then everyone can compare their testimony to Hubers investigation.


You’re the one sounding like you’ve had your pacifier snatched away.


blatantly false.


You made promises. You didn’t deliver. You haven’t ever delivered. You certainly haven’t learned. I want you to deliver.


You keep thinking that!