"Uranium One" Fact checking the FactChecker, my research


Looks like it stopped. And then fell off the tracks.


[Checks watch] Right on schedule, too.


It’s 1 PM ET. Let’s do this thang! #D5


Bro, it’s not a train.


So… it’s not D5?! :frowning:


Womp womp?

Looks like we’re in a rain delay.


(Okay, so this was mostly an excuse for me to link to the Gateway Pundit.)


So when is it happening?


Did #D5 get #DeepSixed?!


It will become #ithappenswhenithappens


You want some fun times (or to lose all hope for humanity, whichever) actually check out #D5 on twitter. They’re going nuts because on of the buses to the funeral had both a D and a 5 on it.


Well played, Deep State.

No, seriously: it’s like these people have some sort of wasting prion disease.




They still believe it will happen today. There’s talk of Trump having everyone arrested since they are all together at the funeral.


:rofl: Watching the funeral, no one is talking to tiny trump…he’s sitting there with his arms crossed in his typical pouty stance.


Revenge fantasies.

“Feeling impotent in your own lives?..join us today!”


I saw several of them going nuts over footage of Dubya handing Michelle Obama something. “THEYRE UNDER SURVEILLANCE! THEY KNOW! ITS HAPPENING!”

Turns out it was a cough drop or hard candy- because he gave her one at McCains funeral as well, and it brought a smile to her face.


There’s also an image of - I think it’s during a hymn? Everyone is reading along and/or singing. Except Trump and Melania.

Now, a normal reaction would be that Trump and Melania are grumpy sourpants who don’t want to participate, but to the #d5ers, ITS PROOF POSITIVE THAT THEY WONT PARTICIPATE IN EVIL AND THE HAMMER IS COMING DOWN SOON.

It’d be hilarious were it not so tragic.


so which one of these is the new narrative? trump wants them to squirm, or he’s waiting for Comey to incriminate himself?


Depends - which one will be most believed?


Well the funerals over. I assume arrests start now?