"Uranium One" Fact checking the FactChecker, my research


So you’re spinning the truth. Got it.


What’s going to be a lot more interesting date than Dec. 5th, the date nothing happens, is Dec. 7th, when Manafort’s sentencing document is presented and we might get some info on whether Manafort was coordinating with the White House to obstruct justice, and December 18th when Michael Flynn is finally sentenced and we find out a lot more about what Flynn has been cooperating on.

The 5th will come and go like a silent toot in a windstorm.


Telling you right now, that date will live in infamy.


No, I’m asking what national security concerns exist due to the sale of UraniumOne to Russia.

I’m asking you to explain what you’re afraid might happen. What is the worst case scenario that you envision?

How can Russia use their ownership of UraniumOne against the United States?


an;other dangerous December coming our way.


If you say so, Hubers testimony is the icing on the cake no matter what day.


You’re barking up the wrong tree.


1/9 agencies approved this so they could get money donated to a charity… LOL!


That’s what happens when they put stupid greedy people in charge of Americas National Security.


I am?

You said:

I am asking how is it a threat to national security?

Explain to me what Russia can do it us, because they own UraniumOne.

It shouldn’t be that hard, you’ve been going on and on about it. You must have thought it through, right?


Oh I’m sure it will be some very special Pain Cake!


Well obviously now they’ll be able to become a nuclear power, duh!


Greedy people giving money to a charity… LOL!.


You’re lacking commonsense!



No. I’m not.

Why can’t you answer the question?


To a stupid level, sorry.


If you think my question is stupid, you should have no problem answering it.

We’re all waiting. It’s your time to shine.


If you can’t see the treason in Hillary’s actions you’re blind.


If you cant answer my question, then you clearly have no idea what you’re talking about, and you’re just mindlessly parroting nonsense you heard some pundit say.

Since you’ve clearly failed, anyone else wanna step up to the plate? I know there are a lot of UraniumOne parrots here.


Your question reflects ignorance, totally, suck it up pork chop Uranium One will take down Deepstate!