Updated list of pending Supreme Court decisions

We are down to 19 pending decisions.

Monday the 18th and Monday the 25th are the last two regularly scheduled decision days. We will almost certain get decisions on Thursday the 21st and possibly on Wednesday the 20th. Tuesday the 26th and Wednesday the 27th are also likely. That would give up to 6 decision days with 3 or 4 decisions each day.

I have listed all pending cases below.

October sitting: (1 case pending)

Gill v Whitford (Wisconsin redistricting)

November sitting: (0 cases pending)


December sitting: (1 case pending)

Carpenter v United States (4th Amendment cell phone records case)

January sitting: (2 cases pending)

Florida v Georgia (original jurisdiction water wars case)
Ortiz v United States (Appointments Clause case) (2 other cases joined to this case)

February sitting: (5 cases pending)

Currier v Virginia (Double jeopardy case)
Rosales-Mireles v United States (Standard for “plain error” review in criminal appeals)
Janus v American Federal of Federal, State and Municipal Employees (Constitutionality of agency shop arrangements)
Ohio v American Express (Are AMEX’s “anti-steering” policies anti-competitive)
Lozman v City of Riviera Beach, Florida (Retaliatory arrest)

March sitting: (2 cases pending)

National Institution of Family and Life Advocates v Becerra (Does the California Reproductive FACT Act violate First Amendment free speech protections)
Benisek v Lamone (Rules regarding standing in partisan gerrymandering cases)

April sitting: (8 cases pending)

Wisconsin Central Limited v United States (Regarding tax-ability of stock transferred to employees under the Railroad Retirement Act)
WesternGeco LLP v ION Geophysical Corp (Intellectual property case)
South Dakota v Wayfair (Sales tax case)
Chavez-Meza v United States (Regarding how a District Court must explain its refusal to grant a proportional sentence reduction)
Lucia v SEC (Whether Administrative Law Judges are Officers of the United States under the Appointments Clause)
Pereira v Sessions (Regarding the “stop time” rule)
Abbott v Perez (Texas redistricting) (1 case attached to this case)
Trump v Hawaii (Trump’s E.O.)

Gill vs Whitford is taking quite a while. Possibly a potential 5-4 split?

More likely a matter of, “what’s the alternative?”

I am thinking that it may be grouped with Benisek v Lamone argued in March and Abbott v Perez argued in April. It is quite possible that the decision in Gill could be predicated on the decision they announce in Benisek.