UPDATE: Virginia Governor Says He has ‘NO REGRETS’ Over Late-Term Abortion Comments

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/update-virginia-governor-says-he-has-no-regrets-over-late-term-abortion-comments/

Virginia Governor Ralph Northam refused to dial-back his recent comments regarding late-term abortions this week; saying he had “no regrets” over his harsh rhetoric depicting a potential “abortion” after the child’s birth.

“Some members of your party have said privately that your comments yesterday could have been more precise… Do you regret what you said?

“No, I don’t. I’m a physician. I’m also the governor. But when I’m asked questions, a lot of times it is put in the context of being a physician,” said Northam. “Realizing how we approach, how we mange patients, how we offer advice and counseling. So, no, I don’t have any regrets.”