UPDATE: Sen. Graham Calls for Full Investigation into Democrats’ Management of Kavanaugh Accusation | Sean Hannity

Sen. Lindsey Graham called for a full investigation into the Democratic handling of Dr. Christine Ford’s 36-year-old allegation of sexual assault by Judge Brett Kavanaugh over the weekend; saying he intends to get to the bottom of this “despicable process.”

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Screw you Lindsey Graham and the elephant you rode in on.

Thank you Senator Graham. Thank you for speaking up and saying what so many of us, sitting at home watching this train wreck, were thinking. The democrats have lost their minds and moral compasses. They now only speak for radicals and those who are power hungry. As a USAF military vet, I salute you sir for standing up and fighting the good fight. God bless you!

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Good. feinstein needs to recuse herself from the vote because of her role, and she needs to call for the FBI to investigate herself.

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If in any other political climate this candidate would have had a huge majority vote, then it tells that something is profoundly WRONG. To preserve civil discourse and quality of life in our self regulation, something MUST CHANGE. The clownery, the downery, the childishness and viciousness are an abomination. Hurts the heart to even watch the out of control classroom. An embarrassment perpetrated by a few bullies and their mates. Any teacher knows what to do. When students resist getting to their seats, resist work at hand, banter and try to be a law unto themselves then it’s time for the basics, pop quiz with high consequences and reward those already in their seats waiting and wanting to work and learn and have a community together. Pass/fail and hey! When the gavel dropped there was only one dem in a seat. Not our problem. You lost! Grassley in charge. Learn.

Thank you! I have been asking for this for over a week! I want everyone of the Senate Democrats investigated, along with their Left Wing nut protesters, that they hide in their offices.For Malicious intent to remove/delay an opponent, through Lies, and vicious unjust smears, and fraud! Deceiving the citizens of American.

When the Democrats are done with their latest Wagnerian Opera, how will you they our Justice System? I am Concerned about my Son. I am Concerned about Injustice? I am so sick of these antics! They have grilled every nominee like they were the Spanish Inquisition! How will they insure this does not continue for the next nominee?

Well, voters, you are getting a good look at the modern-day Democrat Party! Ruining good men is fine in their quest to regain power. Ford’s “story” is so full of holes and alterations she would have been immediately shown the door at the police station. But the raw politics makes Kavanaugh “guilty” in the minds of Democrat partisans who refuse to act like jurors and think. Pray it never happens to some man or boy in your family. I guarantee you will use your brain then!