UPDATE: President Trump Says He’ll Deliver State of the Union ‘When Shutdown Over’ | Sean Hannity

President Trump confirmed Wednesday night he plans to delay his annual State of the Union address until after the federal government re-opens in the coming weeks; saying he’ll speak to the American people when the “shutdown is over.”

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Doesn’t he realize the position that he has launched himself into, and that almighty God has agreed to put him into ? He keeps whining and complaining about not being given his due respect. He has placed himself right in the middle between Heaven and Hell. Does he not yet understand that it was God who put him into the whitehouse, not his personality, or perseverance, or ego, or perceived likeableness or what he has been able to wrangle out of the world’s materialism through whatever means including subterfuge that he saw fit ? He is now front and center on the stage that is the only one that really matters-the battle between God and His enemy the Devil.
The Lord God who put him in there will back his every play as long as his heart is for the Lord and his ways are God’s ways ! God has put power into Trump’s hands that many of God’s prophet’s only wish God would have given to them !
Instead of using those powers to go forth boldly, he is constantly trying to make a bargain with the devil. If he had ventured forth boldly God would have set the devil’s children back on their heels. Many would have by now been convicted and the rest of them would tremble in their shoes at the thought of crossing him. He should have given the SOTUS in another venue and it would have gone down in history about the guts of this president and the snivering refusal of the devil’s children to obey their constitutional OATH !

He knows. What he is doing is exposing the light on the evil darkness of nefarious actions of the Democrats and their puppet masters, the NWO Cabal. This is all a part of exposing the Devil’s minions, and ultimately, what the Devil is doing. This is all of God’s doing, in reality, and Trump knows it. Why do you think he keeps showing the Holy Word to everyone?