UPDATE: President Trump Plans to ‘Let the Senate’ Handle Kavanaugh Process

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/update-president-trump-plans-to-let-the-senate-handle-kavanaugh-process/

President Trump called on Senate leadership to “handle” Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation process Friday; saying he hopes “it all works out” for the country just moments after Sen. Jeff Flake requested a “one week” FBI investigation.

The President was speaking alongside the President of Chile at the White House when he was asked to comment on Flake’s 11th hour request from GOP leadership to delay the full vote for one week.

“I’m going to let the Senate handle that. They’ll make their decisions and they’ve been doing a good job. Very professional. I’m sure it will all be very good,” said the President. “I just want it to work out well for the country. If that happens, I’m happy.”