UPDATE: GOP Members Demand Investigation into Who Leaked Kavanaugh Accuser’s Letter

Originally published at: https://www.hannity.com/media-room/update-gop-members-demand-investigation-into-who-leaked-kavanaugh-accusers-letter/

Republican members of the House of Representatives are demanding a thorough investigation into who leaked Dr. Christine Ford’s accusation against Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the media; raising the stakes in the potential Justice’s stalled confirmation process.

In a scathing letter signed by Reps. Biggs, Blum, Duncan, Gibbs, Norman, and Gohmert, the GOP legislators are calling on the House and Senate Ethics Committee to probe Sen. Dianne Feinstein and Rep. Eshoo’s handling of the letter once received back in July.

“This sensitive document was leaked to the media without Dr. Ford’s consent while it was hidden from the majority staff of the Senate Judiciary Committee,” write the Congressmen. “These acts demand an immediate and thorough investigation to find out who is responsible.”

“Leaking Dr. Ford’s letter was a cynically political act that is damaging to the credibility of the United States Congress,” the letter adds. “Deliberately outing Dr. Ford without her consent may have a lasting impact on women’s willingness to report future assaults.”

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