UPDATE: Covington Student May SUE 50+ for ‘LIBEL’ Including Elizabeth Warren, Ilhan Omar | Sean Hannity

The student at the heart of a viral video depicting an altercation between teens from Covington High School and Native American Tribal Leader may sue more than 50 organizations over the incident; including Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Rep. Ilhan Omar.

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I sincerely hope these 50+ are sued. The liberal media going off the rails, encouraging the hate, has got to stop.

I hope Nick Sandman does pursue this and does not settle for just an apology.

I got to see first hand what the media did to Richard Jewell after the Atlanta bombing. He was the one who first noticed something suspicious and started moving people out of harms way. Many more people would have been killed or injured if not for him, yet the media turned him into a villian in their rush to find someone to blame. You would think that they had learned their lesson after the large settlements they had to pay out. Instead, they do the same thing again only against children. And this time we have politicians and celebrities piling on. They should know better.