UPDATE: Authorities Seize ‘Suspicious Package’ Addressed to Rep. Maxine Waters | Sean Hannity

Capitol Hill police reportedly intercepted another “suspicious package” addressed to Rep. Maxine Waters Wednesday, with authorities investigating whether the incident is related to other devices sent to former President Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and CNN.

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Don’t you find it interesting that Pelosi and Schumer were so quick to blame the President? Doesn’t you find it interesting that reports by authorities say the bomb-like packages were fake? Another Kavanaugh moment I suspect.

coincidental around the midterms?

Really now! After all the non-stop antics from the Leftists and Democrats over the past 2 years, they don’t realize how obvious this False Flag is? Do they really think we are that stupid? So many pipe bombs sent out and none of them went off? I think that bomber needs to go back to AntiFa terrorist school, because obviously he didn’t learn much the first time!

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There are so many things coincidental about this a blind person could see what’s going on here.
This had set up written all over it

Interesting how these Democrats were all ready to attack Trump, and CNN was in full attack mode immediately after discovery of “suspicious packages” that contained “potential” explosive devices. Their scripts seemed to be written in advance. And what is a potential explosive device?!? It either is an explosive device or it is not. Why is the corrupt FBI remaining so vague about actual facts? Then there is the incompetent delivery method which leads a reasonable person to conclude that the sender intended that the packages be discovered so a media frenzy could ensue. This wreaks! I am betting it is another Democrat conceived fraud that is being perpetrated again on Americans just like the Kavanaugh allegations.