UPDATE: A Tragic Miscarriage of Justice for Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance

Originally published at: UPDATE: A Tragic Miscarriage of Justice for Army First Lieutenant Clint Lorance | Sean Hannity

By Lynda McLaughlin

As we head into this Labor Day, I wanted to post some more information about an individual who will not share the same luxury. Lt. Clint Lorance will sit in a prison cell, like he does every single day, because of complete and total misconduct on the part of his superior army officers and JAGS.

Clint Lorance is innocent and deserves a disapproval of findings, immediately, from our President. Clint was a star member of the Army and is an unfortunate consequence of Barack Obama’s rules of engagement.

He is serving a sentence to make those who hold higher ranks than his, i.e. Brigadier Joseph General Berger, III look good among the elitists. Berger, the former Chief Judge of the Army Court of Criminal Appeals, would rather lie than be honest about their own mistakes. He is a disgrace, the worst of his kind, letting a genuine officer pay the price for his politics.

Shame on you BG Berger for your lack of duty, honor and character.

As a point of reference for our readers, who are as avid about this case as our show is, I am including a sworn declaration about Clint Lorance, from his former Battalion Command Sergeant Major, Daniel Gustafson. CSM Gustafson explains in great detail who Clint is, and who he was, when he was in the Army and on the battlefield with his men and how Colonel Mennes cut Lorance loose.

CSM Gustafson states that Clint was a sharp Lieutenant, chosen from many, to lead First Platoon in certain combat patrols. The chain-of-command protected themselves from any negative blowback to their career trajectory by abandoning Clint and starting a narrative that he was a bad apple, off the rails.

We are here to right the wrong and correct this false narrative.

Read the full declaration.