Unmasking Of Rudy Giuliani

Unmasking Of Rudy Giuliani On Fox’s ‘The Masked Singer’ Prompts Judges Ken Jeong & Robin Thicke To Walk Off In Protest

How the mighty have fallen; from America’s mayor to Masked Singer.

I’d feel sorry for him that he had to sell his dignity, but then I remember his legal woes are due to his advocacy of the big lie.

To heck with him. Also to heck with the weenie judges who walked off.

Well, I am certainly glad for that handily placed spoiler alert :wink:


For the record, TV/movie spoilers is the only censorship I would ever support.

I’m not even a Star Wars fan but I remember when whichever one came out in 2016/2017, people were making fake social media profiles where the entire name was a huge plot spoiler just to be jerks.

No judge, no jury, straight to the firing squad :skull_and_crossbones:

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I was dodging spoilers like a champ for Star Wars force awakens just to get one in a very random place the day before.

I’m still not sure if the op is satire.

Thought adam schiff was up to his old antics again.

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Conservative random response generator?

Where is the Babylon Bee watermark?

It is sad to see Rudy like this.

he’s a bit of a nut. i remember seeing him in drag on an SNL skit. when he was mayor i believe

then that deal with that chick in the hotel room…

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the left once again displays their perpetual child mind stomping off because they got near someone whose politics they dont like

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